Preachers' Daughters

Follows the lives of three teenage preacher's daughters and the struggle of teen life under a Christian household.



Duration:60 min




Season 1 - Preachers' Daughters
"The preachers' daughters prove they are anything but angels when Taylor reveals one of her fantasies, Olivia questions the paternity of her daughter and Kolby asks for permission to begin dating."
"Olivia finds out the results of the paternity test, Taylor lies to her parents and attends a party with boys, and Kolby and her family are shocked by her sister's confession."
"As Kolby questions her beliefs about premarital sex, Olivia meets with a lawyer after contacting her baby's father and Taylor is put to the test when a new boy comes into her life."
"Olivia introduces a boy from her past to her parents. Nikita asks his daughters' to assist him in rekindling his relationship with their mother. Taylor attends a double date with her parents."
"Kolby reevaluates her relationship with Micah. Taylor is distraught after her father falls victim to a health scare. Olivia learns some hidden secrets about Frankie."
"Olivia is at odds with her parents over their beliefs on Halloween while Kolby celebrates her first Halloween with a house party. Taylor and Marie keep the church going while Ken is in the hospital."
"Kolby and her sisters have a girls weekend out and things get a bit unholy. Taylor is forced to attend a purity class. Olivia flies to Los Angeles in order to visit her sister and take part in a photo shoot."
"Olivia is asked to lead an outing for troubled teens. Kolby's mother reveals a secret from her past. Taylor and her father visit a Christian college"
"Taylor's parents throw her a birthday party that gets wild as the night goes on while Victoria loosens her grip on Kolby dating. Olivia worries that her past could have lasting effects on her daughter."
"In this hour-long special, the Perrys, Colemans and Koloffs reveal never-before-seen moments from Season 1 and revisit classic moments..."
Season 2 - Preachers' Daughters
"Tori gets evicted from her apartment while Taylor films a music video. Kolby doesn't want to follow in her preacher parent's footsteps and Megan sneaks out to a lake party."
"Ken tries to set Taylor up with a Christian boy; Megan gets busted for tweeting about being hung over in church; Tori gets crazy at a pool party.Source: Lifetime"
"Tori and Courtney sneak dates in while playing tennis but are caught by their father. Meanwhile, Taylor finds herself with two prom dates and Victoria takes Teryn's daughter to church."
"Taylor finds her love life is messier than ever and Teryn doesn't show for Kolby's church event. Meanwhile, Megan's parents ask her to take a drug test and Tori gets kicked out of the house."
"Megan's brother Zach returns home from rehab. Tori bails on a job interview and Taylor auditions for a zombie film. Meanwhile, Victoria teaches her daughters a lesson about premarital sex."
"Megan gets criticized by church members and acts out at a youth event. Tori praise dances in order to prove herself to her parents, Taylor ditches school and Ken gets bad health news."
"Megan skips out of punishment to go on a date, Kenny and Monique try to bond with their daughters on a swamp tour while Taylor gets devastating news about her father."
"Taylor has a bikini car wash fundraiser for Ken, Kolby goes on a trip without her parents' permission, Megan gets in trouble for going on a date, and Tori parties for her birthday and quickly finds..."
"Megan goes camping with boys without permission and the Koloff girls throw Teryn a bachelorette party. Taylor worries about losing both her parents after Ken's health scares while Kenny and Monique..."
"Taylor is tempted at a party and the Cassidys go to Christian therapy. Meanwhile, Teryn and Chad finally renew their vows and Tori's parents stage an intervention for Tori."
Season 3 - Preachers' Daughters
"A mission trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, leads some of the girls to become divided over their different views on Christianity and the temptations surrounding them as Season 2 begins. Meanwhile, Megan feels like the odd person out because of her decision not to drink; and Kristiana confesses something that goes against everything Cierra believes in."
"Cierra's temper becomes an issue when she is made mission leader and wreaks havoc among the group. Meanwhile, Kayla starts a ruckus when she drinks all the water; and a new girl arrives and shakes things up in the house."
"After Kayla sabotages Lolly by talking to her pastor, Lolly decides to pack Kayla's bag; a huge fight involving all the girls breaks out."
"The girls decide to sell shots and dance for money to buy school supplies for the children in the barrio; mission leader Tyche struggles with her faith; Jade meets a guy; Pastor Tilo brings in a replacement after Kayla's departure."
"No description"
"No description"
"Megan and Lolly hire a stripper for Jayde's birthday; Lolly causes friction between the girls and their fathers; the girls go out for their final night in Cabo; the girls come together for an emotional goodbye to their mission in Cabo."