As a child Sakura Mamiya mysteriously disappeared in the woods. She returned safe and sound, but since then she has had the power to see ghosts. At school, her always-absent classmate shows up, and he's far more than what he seems.





Season 1 - RIN-NE
"Sakura Mamiya is a high school student who can see spirits. Her seat in class is next to Rinne Rokudo, who for some reason, most people can see only sometimes. Sakura's friend is troubled by a series of bizarre phone calls. Sakura and Rinne investigate."
"The people at school have a dream about being approached by a woman in a kimono in a strange world with a with a red ring, imploring them to make an offering to the instrument shelter."
"A huge, monstrous cat attacks from the sky. To Sakura's shock, her friends Miho and Rika can see it, too."
"The sun of a family of exorcists, Tsubasa Jumonji, has come to school. Right off the bat, he asks out his first love, Sakura! This bothers Rinne, but he turns a cold shoulder towards Sakura."
"Being broke, Rinne is overjoyed about a job Rokumon brought him: to hunt down an evil spirit for 100,000 yen. Meanwhile, something ghostly is going on at school."
"On her way home from school, Sakura hears the voice of a child asking from help from a roadside shrine. She wants to talk to Rinne about it, but Rinne is busy helping mummy-like Taro."
"Sakura spots the spirit of a boy who'd rammed his head into a lamp post be taken away by a boy with bat wings. The next morning, Rinne and Sakura receive a bizarre request letter, but Suzu and Tomoya, who'd also been called there."
"In an effort to rescue Reiji's living spirit, Rinne chases Masato to Hell, where right off the bat he's forced to enter illegally, as he can't pay for the admission fee."
"Rinne's school holds their school festival. Rinne works at the cafe with Sakura, when they sense something ominous. Just then, a blonde wig flies at them."
"Rinne has come down with an afterlife strain of the flu. A doctor arrives to treat him, but it turns out that he's a Damashigami."
"Sakura, Rokumon and Tsubasa infiltrate Damashigami Company. In an effort to take down the company, Rinne challenges Sabato to a duel."
"Rika gets 100% on a test using a mechanical pencil that makes her smarter, but an ominous aura comes from the pencil."
"In a daze after having seen Rinne and Ageha holding hands, Sakura accidentally wanders into the Reidou. She's surrounded by Damashigamis, but Rinne saves her at the last second."
"Sakura finds the spirit of an idol by the pool, but she doesn't want to bring it up with Rinne; she's still bothered by what happened between him and Ageha."
"Rinne tries to set things straight with Sakura about Ageha. Every time he tries to talk to her, he gets interrupted. Something odd comes out of the bento box that Ageha gives him."
"Tsubasa invites Sakura to visit a huge tree at the elementary school where they met, but there's something not right about the tree."
"Tsubasa is upset: Rinne keeps getting between him and Sakura. But Masato the devil appears before him, offering what appears to be a solution."
"During her pursuit of the Damashigami, Ageha encounters a Shirushigami named Kain. She goes crying to Rinne after he mocks her and her sister."
"Sakura and the others are trapped in a shed at Kain's home. There they find a suspicious box bearing, but they need Rinne to open it, and he's busy fighting Kain."
"Sakura notices something odd when she gets home: there are spirits passing through her house."
"It's bonus season at the Mortal Census Bureau where Kain works. Kain is tasked with delivering the money, but it gets stolen along the way."
"Ageha goes shopping to prepare for an intimate Christmas with Rinne, but on her way home, she notices an ominous aura coming from an abandoned house."
"When Tsubasa catches a cold, Rinne, Sakura, Rokumon, and Kain pay him a visit."
"The weather turns chilly, signalling the start of the perfect season for ramen."
"Sakura gets an experimental candy which can render her unable to see spirits and immediately tries it out."