Fruits Basket

After a family tragedy turns her life upside down, 16 year old high schooler Tohru Honda takes matters into her own hands and moves out...into a tent. Unfortunately for her, she pitches her...

Duration:23 min




Season 1 - Fruits Basket
"Temporarily homeless high school student Tohru Honda doesn't want to cause her friends any trouble, so she's been secretly living in a tent instead of asking to stay with any of them. Then she meets the owners of the land she pitched her tent on..."
"Tohru learns the Soma family's shocking secret: they transform into zodiac animals! Is this show a zodiac animal transformation home comedy?!"
"Kyo and Yuki both confide in Tohru about their insecurities, and she discovers that they have a lot in common for people who seem like such opposites."
"Kagura Soma visits and expresses her rather explosive love for Kyo. At first she regards Tohru as a potential rival, but she soon comes to realize that Tohru is interested in friendship, not fighting."
"Tohru has come to think of the Somas as her new family, but her faith in herself and in her relationships is shaken when her biological family says they're ready to take her back."
"On school festival day, the gang sells a ton of rice balls thanks to an innovative Prince Yuki marketing technique. Bonus: two other members of the Soma family come to the festival to introduce themselves."
"A nervous Tohru visits the main Soma estate for her meeting with Hatori. There, she finds out the backstory behind Hatori's seemingly harsh attitude toward her."
"Tohru tries to figure out how to cause everyone the least amount of trouble over the New Year's holiday. Meanwhile, Yuki and Kyo try to figure out how to survive three days without Tohru."
"Kyo fights Yuki, Yuki fights a cold, and Tohru meets a new Soma whose mood swings may be even more extreme than Kagura's."
"Shigure does some serious scheming while Kagura, Kyo, Yuki, and Tohru all go on a double date."
"It's \"White Day,\" the day that boys who received chocolates on Valentine's Day give their return gifts to the girls. And Momiji has one big surprise gift for Tohru!"
"It's the first day of the new school year, and the students of Kaibara High School gets their first look at Momiji and Hatsuharu's \"unique\" approach to school uniforms. Another member of the Soma family also pays a visit."
"Tohru meets a man she never knew existed, and learns something about Yuki that she never knew before."
"Tohru learns more about Momiji Soma and visits her mother\u2019s grave with her friends."
"Tohru, Yuki, Kyo, Shigure, and Hatori go on a trip to the Soma vacation house near a lake."
"Uotani plans a group gift for Tohru. Then, the Somas learn more about Uotani's past."
"Uotani continues to tell about her past and how meeting Kyoko and Tohru impacted her."
"Hatsuharu unexpectedly shows up with a new Soma who doesn\u2019t speak a word."
"Another Soma comes to visit, while Mitsuru begs Shigure for his manuscript."
"Hiro Soma comes to introduce himself, and it rapidly becomes obvious that he is not a Tohru Honda fan."
"Members of Prince Yuki do some scheming and visit Hanajima\u2019s house."
"We learn more about Hanajima\u2019s past and how she meets Uotani and Tohru."
"Tohru comes down with a cold, and the Somas help her while she recovers."
"Kazuma Soma's visit to the house is more than a casual visit, especially for Kyo. Will we finally find out Kyo's secret?"