The heartbreaking, mystifying and unbelievable stories of loved ones who have disappeared and the families that never give up hope. Some stories remain unresolved; some reveal tragic ...







Season 2 - Disappeared
04 Oct 2010
"Disappeared examines the case of Brittanee Drexel from Rochester, New York, who disappeared near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, after sneaking away for spring break."
11 Oct 2010
"Disappeared examines the case of school teacher and former beauty queen Tara Grinstead who vanished from her home in Ocilla, Georgia."
"No description"
25 Oct 2010
"Disappeared goes to Washington state and looks at the case of Tanya Rider who disappeared one evening on her way home from work. She is discovered days later clinging to life in a wrecked car."
"No description"
08 Nov 2010
"Dissappeared looks into the case of 22-year-old Bradyn Fuksa whose abandoned car is discovered on the side of a Wyoming highway. He may have been fleeing a felony theft charge."
15 Nov 2010
"Disappeared looks at the case of Kristi Cornwell who went for a walk and vanished with a scream while having a telephone conversation with her boyfriend."
22 Nov 2010
"Disappeared looks at the case of 30-year old April Pitzer a former federal drug informant who disappeared in the Mojave Desert shortly after deciding to move back home to Arkansas."
29 Nov 2010
"Disappeared looks into the case of John Glasgow an Arkansas CFO whose SUV was found abandoned in a state park a day after he left his Little Rock home for work."
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
Season 8 - Disappeared
26 Mar 2017
"Lynn Messer, a wife, mother, and bible teacher, goes missing from the family's cattle farm near St. Genevieve Missouri. Her two sons, two sisters, the local sheriff, a chief detective, and ..."
02 Apr 2017
"Senior high school student Macin Smith doesn't come home from school September 1st, 2015 and his parents are left to worry about the safety of the youngest of their six children and what has happened to him."
09 Apr 2017
"Twenty-one year-old Kortne Stouffer vanishes from her bed one night following a couple of scuffles with neighbors and friends. Investigators pursue various leads, but the young beauty is ..."
"No description"
"No description"
30 Apr 2017
"After a night at home watching movies, 18-year-old Zoe Campos cannot be found by her family the next morning. As investigators pore through the teen's Facebook account, they discover she ..."
07 May 2017
"On route to the airport, nineteen-year-old Katelin Akens makes an unexpected stop at a Virginia shopping mall...and vanishes. Police investigate her loved ones at length and start to ..."
21 May 2017
"In the middle of the night at his home in Clearwater, Florida, eight-year-old Zachary Bernhardt disappears. His mother was taking a quick late night dip in their apartment's pool, then went..."
"No description"
04 Jun 2017
"When 15-yr-old Kayla Berg isn't home after a night out, her loved ones believe she's staying with friends. But when six days pass and the aspiring gymnast is missing, the details of her ..."
11 Jun 2017
"A date night in Philadelphia becomes deeply disturbing when a couple disappears. Their families unite to find them, but as desperation grows, finger pointing puts them at odds. Soon, the ..."
18 Jun 2017
"19-year-old Angel Garcia disappears after riding his dirt bike around Hartford CT. Friends say Angel was chased by a mysterious SUV before he disappeared. Months Later, a possible sighting ..."
"No description"
Season 9 - Disappeared
"Ashley Summers is a fun-loving 14-year-old. When she vanishes on July 4th, her family is at a loss. The mystery deepens when the FBI connects her case to two other young women missing from her neighborhood. Ten years later, there's still no answer."
08 Apr 2018
"Logan Schiendelman vanishes, and authorities find his car abandoned. Multiple tips claim seeing Logan, but searches turn up nothing. With no evidence of foul play, questions surface and ..."
"While on a Caribbean cruise, 23-year-old Amy Lynn Bradley vanishes from her family's cabin and is never seen again; over a decades-long struggle, her family embarks on countless grueling searches, stopping at nothing to find their beloved Amy."
"Stephanie Crane, aged 9, walks home from the local bowling alley, but never arrives. Early leads go nowhere. For years authorities don't find her or make an arrest. Now, they hope that advances in evidence testing may finally solve the mystery."
29 Apr 2018
"When Sage Smith, a transgender teen in Charlottesville, Virginia goes missing, police identify a suspect. But the investigation turns up evidence that forces detectives to look closer into Sage's inner circle to see if there are answers."
06 May 2018
"Nineteen-year-old Tyarra Williams vanishes from the parking lot of her Greensboro, N.C., apartment complex. When tips suggest that Tyarra may have fallen prey to human trafficking, her ..."
"Holly Cantrell is seen on security video leaving the hospital where she works, but she never arrives home; while investigating Cantrell's disappearance, police learn she has been keeping secrets."
20 May 2018
"When Michael VanZandt, a veteran and father of three, disappears one night in Hermosa Beach, Ca., police suspect a group of strangers may be involved. But his loved ones are haunted by ..."
"Ali Lowizter, 16, vanishes after getting off her school bus; the investigation stalls for two years until a tip comes in claiming Lowizter could have been trafficked, leading to a SWAT team raid on a house of prostitution."
"No description"
10 Jun 2018
"College sophomore Martin Roberts is a popular fraternity brother, suddenly he goes missing. The only clue he leaves: a cryptic note. Baffling secrets emerge. But two years later, his family..."
17 Jun 2018
"When 70-year-old retired firefighter Michael Chambers goes missing, a bloody crime scene in his garage quickly indicates foul play. But authorities begin to believe that the crime scene may..."
"No description"