Occupied - Season 3 Episode 2

In the near future, Norway is occupied by Russia on behalf of the European Union, due to the fact that the newly elected environmental friendly Norwegian government has stopped the all important oil- and gas-production in the North Sea.

Episode:2/10 eps

Duration:45 min




Season 2 - Occupied
29 Sep 2017
"Six month after the first season concluded, the Russian occupation still holds Norway in a firm grip. In the first episode of the second season we follow the steps to form an exile ..."
29 Sep 2017
"Russia has arrested the Coast Guard soldiers who were behind the action at Melk\u00f8ya, Anita Rygg has promised that they will be handed over to Norway, but when one of the soldiers is dead, it becomes more problematic."
20 Oct 2017
"Jesper has managed to get to Paris and to Astrid and her partner Jerome, but it doesn't take long for the police to find and arrest him. Jerome then comes to the rescue."
27 Oct 2017
"The Nordic nations are unhappy and feel insecure about the Russian presence in Norway. Anita struggles to foster a better climate between the countries."
03 Nov 2017
"It seems that there may be a majority in the EU in favor of a resolution to force Russia out of Norway, but for the EU to vote for the resolution, the Government of Norway must support it."
10 Nov 2017
"The EU interprets the missile downing of a Finnish fighter aircraft as an attack on the EU and votes on a resolution for Russia to exit Norway. They also want Anita to stand down."
Season 3 - Occupied
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